全棉古法束腹帶.Bengkung Belly Bind




Bengkung Belly Binding

What exactly is Bengkung ?

Benkung is a belly binding tradition originated from Malaysia. It essentially is the method of tying a long strip of cloth around the mother’s abdomen during the postpartum period to support the mother’s womb after childbirth.

Why belly-binding ?

• Belly-binding pulls in abdominal muscles that has separated during child birth back together.

• It prevents the “nursing slouch” by correcting the mother’s posture while sitting up and walking.

• It affectively shortens the postpartum bleeding time by getting rid of waste blood naturally.

• Belly-binding is an ancient, natural, and affective way to decrease the postpartum healing time.

• It helps shrink belly size an tighten abdominal skin.

• Not only is it suitable for postnatal moms, but is also great for daily use. It helps with weight loss, shrinking belly size, and firming the abdominal skin.

Why choose Benkung Belly Wrap?

The tradition western postpartum girdles like Belly Bandit irritates and pinches the skin, and are super uncomfortable. The Benkung wrap affectively covers from under the chest, all the way down to below the hips, while the traditional western postpartum girdles only covers the stomach partially. The Benkung wrap causes the ribcage as well as the hips to recover into their normal dimensions, without pressing onto the abdomen. Benkung wraps are made of 100% soft and durable cotton outside, and unbleached cotton in the inner shell, while the western postpartum girdles are made of irritating Polyester.

More about Benkung Belly Wrap.

Wrapping the belly is the most important part of postpartum recovery. It affectively helps the body shrink and recover in the most efficient amount of time—normally around six to eight weeks. The Benkung wrap supports the mother’s postpartum body, helps the abdominal wall retract, improves and corrects posture, stabilizes the torso and ligaments, and recovers the body into pre-pregnancy size.

During the pregnancy, the mother’s body accumulates water, air, and fat which causes swelling in the body. The water gathered by the cells supports the amniotic fluid and the air cushions the baby and the mother’s organs. This is why the mother gets more swollen during the last months of pregnancy. When the baby is born, the water, air, and fat are no longer needed. So the cells release the excess liquid which causes the mother to shrink back to her pre-pregnancy size. The Benkung wrap speeds up the process of the excess liquid and waste leaving the body by putting constant pressure onto the abdomen and torso area. The Benkung belly wrap is most effective during the first eight weeks of postpartum but can also be used during anytime of the postpartum period.

Our line of Postpartum Products:

Our postpartum kit is a complete assortment of postpartum products carefully selected to affectively promote postpartum recovery. All of our products are safe to use while breastfeeding. Our products are naturally and carefully made. Each product has specially selected ingredients recommended for moms in the postpartum stage. We pledge that our line of postpartum products are:

  • Soy Free
  • Alcohol free
  • Paraben Free
  • SLS Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Petroleum Free
  • Dye & Fragrance Oil Free
  • Chemical & Synthetic Free
  • Cruelty Free - never tested on animals

Bengkung Belly Bind: This wrap provides support 360 degrees around the mother’s postpartum body. It firms, restores, and shrinks the mother’s body affectively, giving incredible results.

Jamu Herbal Firming Powder (Paste): This powder is mixed either with water or a carrier oil into a smooth paste. The paste is then applied onto the belly and works with the wrap to promote better results.


Postpartum Mommy Oil: Helps with circulation and aids the body in releasing the unnecessary water, fat, and air, reducing swelling of the legs and feet. It is also great for muscle aches and pain.


Fresh Ginger Body Soap: Ginger is widely used in postpartum care in Asian culture. It helps with pain and bad circulation, and essentially gets rid of the “wind” and toxin that is trapped in the body.


Artemisia Argyi Soap: In traditional Chinese medicine, Artemisia Argyi is considered to have warming properties and to be associated with the liver, spleen and kidney meridians. The herb is considered to increase the blood supply to the pelvic region and stimulate menstruation, and helps treat infertility. It is often used to getting rid of "wind" that is trapped in the body. The pernicious influence of "wind" is considered the major cause of illness in traditional Chinese patterns of disharmony.


Ginger Body Cream: This amazing Ginger Body Cream affectively encourages circulation and enhances lymphatic flow. It is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and has a luxurious creamy texture.


Asian Spice Sea Salt Body Scrub: This product is great for post-natal treatment. It consists of ingredients such as Cinnamon and Ginger, which is well known for lymph and cellulite drainage. It is great for restoring the skin and correcting blemishes and stretch marks.


Artemisiae Argyi Ginger Bath Tonic Sachet : Can be used as bath soak/foot soak, helps with cold hands and feets, poor circulations & water retention. Epsom salt are also added to soothe aches and pain.

Ginger Candy: This tasty homemade treat can help with nausea and circulation. In Asian culture, ginger is widely used as a postpartum ingredient. It is often used to get rid of "wind" that is trapped in the body. The pernicious influence of "wind" is considered the major cause of illness in traditional Chinese patterns of disharmony. You can eat this by itself like candy, or add it into your favorite beverage—like tea. Adding this treat into your coffee and turn your boring cup of coffee into a tasty Ginger Latte!


How to Use:

Step 1: Spread the Benkung Belly Bind onto a bed with the inside (white unbleached cotton fabric) facing up. Lie down directly onto the wrap, while lining the bottom near the middle of your hip. Tuck the cloth tightly to your body.

Step 2: Lace the straps through the eyelets, starting from the bottom and top like shoelaces. Tighten as you go, focusing on the abdomen.

Step 3: Finish by tying-off the bind. If the bind is longer than your torso, tie the fabic inwards on the outside, not against your skin. The bind can be rolled up and loosened when using the restroom.


I highly recommend wearing the Benkung bind for at least 8-10 hours a day immediately after giving birth (natural birth). Wear the bind for at least 30 days or more. You should be able to see dramatic result after 15 days. The more the wrap is worn, the faster you will see the results. Our wrap accommodates mothers of all sizes. From X-small to XX-large. Choose the row that is most comfortable for your body. As your body begins to show some results, make the wrap smaller.

For C-section:

Use after stitches are removed and incision is fully healed (at least 2 weeks after surgery). A lot of moms find that wearing a Bengkung Bind actually helps with pain right after the surgery as it offers support and "holds everything in place". It can actually be worn right after C-section, but always consult your doctor before use.

Taking Care of Your Benkung Wrap:

Wash: When not wearing your Benkung bind, hang the wrap up to air to prevent unwanted odor. Put your wrap into a laundry bag to prevent the straps from getting caught onto the washing machine. Wash in COLD water on gentle cycle or wash by hand. DO NOT use BLEACH. Use mild detergent.

Dry: Use the lowest dryer setting. DO NOT OVER DRY or your bind will shrink. Or let your wrap AIR DRY laying flat.


Outer Material: 100% Cotton

Inner Material: 100% Unbleached Cotton

Handmade in Malaysia

Shrinkage of 5-10% may occur.



57' inch (Length) x 18' inch (Wide)

With two 126 inch extra long straps


Adjustable design fits:

Waist size 26'-40' inch

Hip size 34'-50' inch


Fits XS to XXL (American sizes)





生完了baby的媽媽都有風, 寒, 和水腫的問題,而且體內會積聚了毒素。印尼古法束腹帶其實是古代天然的紥帶方法,目的是要把五臟六府歸位和定形。





過程中會使用到具排水/燒脂/緊緻療效的天然草藥,以及特製腰封和繃帶,每次紮身需8小時後才可拆除,建議持續整個療程, 最少要束30天, 在15天後妳會看到驚人效果!


其實束腹修身帶, 在台灣, 香港已經掀起熱潮,好多藝人生了baby後火速修身, 其實是因為用了束腹帶! 修身效果倍增,不易反彈 , 效果驚人 ! 10-15天內眼見得到的效果!


  • 修厚背
  • 修腰
  • 改善腰痛 /防止寒背
  • 修腹及修胃腩
  • 收緊肚臍
  • 幫助腹肌的分離恢復原本位置
  • 收臀
  • 矯正歪斜盆骨,回復步行自然美態
  • 提升臀部


    在產後,媽媽的身體會進入自我修復的黃金期,分泌出一種使肌肉及骨骼柔軟度大増的「鬆弛荷爾蒙」Relaxin,為改善身型造就了很大的空間。在懷孕期間,Relaxin使媽媽的腹部肌肉,胸骨及盆骨得以擴展,令胎兒有足夠夠的空間成長。「束腹紮肚子」 ,就是善用了這個生理變化,利用「束」衣的拉力及承托,在產後把擴大了的胸骨及盆骨收細,為媽媽打造比產前更纖細的蜂腰和美臀!


    此外,由於在懷孕的末期胎兒快速成長,母親的子宮也會快速增大;而到了分娩前,膨脹的子宮還會把媽媽的內臟迫至移位,孕婦的腹直肌( vertical abdominal muscles )會被拉開而分離,同時產生妊娠紋。肥皂媽媽的「束腹紮肚子」正正能讓內臟恢復原位,同時促進腹部肌肉修復,舒緩妊娠紋的問題。

    其實, 一般人都有做束腹的, 因為希望能修一下腰的線條,小蠻腰並不是夢啊! 束腹帶不單是針對產後婦女,一般女性想改善體形的也必然趨之若鶩。


    每次把帶子鬆開都會覺得瘦了、肌肉緊了的感覺. 老公們聽著啊, 太太如此辛苦生baby,老公應該送「束腹帶瘦身」比送名牌手袋更實際!


    纏腰封束肚子 紮出小蠻腰

    很多纖維彈性料的腰封都含有Polyester (聚酯纖維), Spandex(俗稱PU彈性人造纖維) 這些人造成份,非常容易引至敏感和痕癢,所以要慎重選用。

    肥皂媽媽的特製腰封在馬來西亞人手製造,外布是美美的純棉布, 內裡是沒有經過漂染的純棉布, 整件都是100% Cotton, 好處是布料不會致敏。縛結式設計可自由調較鬆緊,不論妳是30吋熊腰或24吋小蠻腰,也可以束緊。外面那些束腹修腰帶, 只有8寸左右高, 一束起, 肉就跑出來, 而且一點也不舒服. 盆骨胃腩跟本就不能被束到. 肥皂媽媽的束腹帶有18寸高! 特高設計,上至胃腩下至盤骨也可以照顧到。

    上圖可以看到美國著名束腹帶品牌Belly Bandit和肥皂媽媽古法束腹帶尺寸的分別! 普通的束腹帶跟本就不

    能把整個胃部, 肚子, 盆骨和臀部包著; 肥皂媽媽束腹帶能提供全方位的照顧.


    外面的束腹帶分好多尺寸, 隨著肚子身材的轉變, 可能要買幾條才能應付身體尺寸的轉變. 肥皂媽媽束腹帶腰圍26寸至40寸也可以用! 產後修身一條束腹帶就能攪定!



    在肚皮先敷上肥皂媽媽Jamu有機產後芳療修身粉,鋪上紗布或薄毛巾,再纏上肥皂媽媽束腹修腰帶,然後紮緊就可以了! 也可以選擇使用肥皂媽媽產後媽媽修身恢復油或生薑暖身乳霜.



    配合以下產品, 修身排毒沒難度! 肥皂媽媽為產後媽媽量身訂製的一系列產品:


    肥皂媽媽全棉古法束腹帶: 提供360度產後身體承托, 幫助修身減肚子,臀部和胃腩. 令身體復位, 修緊, 恢復產前狀態.


    肥皂媽媽Jamu有機產後芳療修身粉: 草藥通淋巴去水腫, 以具排脂及排水療效的天然草藥,包括黃薑、大花田菁、茴香、香茅、等等...用料是全天然植物古方流傳調配,其黃薑接觸皮膚後有暖流感覺,帶有驅風功效及有助促進血液循環,尤其能針對一般母親隨著年齡增長而引起的各種風濕及疼痛症狀,具有排水/燒脂/緊緻/去紋療效,能加速代謝降低體脂,幫助剛分娩的媽媽儘快恢復往昔緊致的體形。修復, 修子宮,減肚紋及色素, 也能加速代謝帶走廢物和促進血液循環。



    產後媽媽修身恢復油: 幫助血液循環, 消腫, 排毒, 減肥, 收緊和驅風暖身.



    肥皂媽媽生薑暖身乳霜: 減肥,排水,去腫和收緊, 同時有通淋巴的功效. 不油膩配方馬上吸收, 能暖身驅寒.


    肥皂媽媽生薑皂: 適合坐月媽媽使用,肥皂媽媽用慢火煮2小時再浸24小時,然後拿來入皂用, 加入了泡薑茶,打碎的鮮薑, 薑皮 和薑精油, 用起來就事半功倍! 好多準媽媽特別要求肥皂媽媽做的薑皂!用來坐月子用就安心了。



    肥皂媽媽艾葉平安皂: 使用含有艾葉的草本油, 以加州陽光長時間浸泡,然后慢燉8小時才入皂而成.能暖宮, 暖身, 軀寒, 調理氣血, 幫助血液巡環, 通經活血, 去水腫和溶解脂肪.而且配了香茅精油, 用後有暖暖的感覺, 而且消除水腫及多餘脂肪。肥皂媽媽做的薑皂好多準媽媽都訂兩、三塊。尤其是坐月子,洗手要一塊,洗澡要一塊,而且希望月子後一個月還能持續用薑皂把剩餘的風軀掉,所以要買多些來準備。配上艾葉就能事半功倍了!



    肥皂媽媽美體海鹽磨沙: 肥皂媽媽用了玉桂、薑黃、南薑、丁香、豆蔻和茴香子做了海鹽身體磨沙。還加入了生薑、黑椒、山雞椒、馬鬱蘭和月桂葉精油。幫助去水腫、橙皮紋、減肥、和增強血液循環。產後使用,能幫助淡化肚皮疤痕和有減肥和暖身驅寒氣的作用, 用後皮膚更顯白滑細緻有彈性!



    肥皂媽媽薑艾葉養生浸浴泡腳包: 準媽媽恩物 - 產婦生產完後身體虛弱, 風和濕容易進入身體, 所以建議坐月媽媽坐月時用驅風產品洗澡/泡腳。

    成份: 薑皮、艾葉驅風散寒、有理氣血、逐寒濕之效,坐月之選!

    肥皂媽媽自家製黑糖薑母糖: 補氣補血臉色好! 全人手製, 沒添加,材料只有黑糖和生薑! 就這樣吃也非常好吃,加進咖啡變成Ginger Latte, 加進奶茶變成薑奶茶,或就這樣加熱水泡做薑茶也非常好喝!甚至加進去早餐的麥皮內, 補血養生喝完身體不冷啊!





    開刀手術後下床提供承托, 減輕痛楚 (請先詢問醫生意見)


    開刀手術媽媽們都應該知道下床的痛苦, 下床前把腰部紮一下, 能故定腰部, 身體有了承托, 下床痛楚也大大減少!





    • 自然分娩 - 馬上可開展療程, 一星期五天, 為期四星期.
    • 手術產子後 - 2-6星期後便可開展療程,一星期五天, 為期四星期. 開刀手術後下床束腰帶可以提供承托, 減輕痛楚, 但必需要是在不影響傷口的大前題下進行, 請先詢問醫生意見.






    57寸長x 18寸闊
    適合: 腰圍26-40寸, 臀圍34-50寸 (美國尺碼 XS-XXL)
    產地: 馬來西亞人手製造
    材質: (外料) 100% 純棉 Cotton
    (內裡) 100% 不經漂染純棉 Cotton