Eyelash Growth Serum. 睫毛增長精華套裝


|||Eyelash Growth Serum

Over-plucking, eyelash extensions, aging or even nutrient deficiency will result in thinning of eyebrow and eyelash. Thick, well-shaped eyebrows can enhance your look, while thin and sparse eyebrows can make you look older and dull.  And who wouldn’t want extra voluminous eyelashes?


When it comes to the most au natural option—formulas that boost the growth of the lashes you were born with—the natural and organic industry hasn’t really been ahead of the curve. There’s just one FDA-approved lash growth treatment available on the market, and that’s Latisse. It contains bimatoprost, available by prescription only, and not natural.  We have to find safer alternatives to help stimulate those coveted long and thick lashes.


This Eye Lash Growth Serum contains 100% organic cold-pressed castor oil and pure Vitamin E with no additives or harmful chemicals.  Cold-pressed castor oil contains more omega-6 essential fatty acids, as well as many other vitamins and minerals which provide nutrition to hair follicles. It is gentle for all skin types.  It is hexane, preservatives and chemical free.  Used by A-List celebrities, models and reality-show stars, unrefined castor oil is the best-kept secret to luscious lashes and brows naturally without chemicals. 

Super Blend of Castor Oil and pure Vitamin E naturally conditions and stimulates eyelash, eyebrow, and hair growth.  


This eyelash and eyebrow growth kit includes 5 mascara brush and eyeliner applicators which allows simple application to eye lashes and brows to promote eyelash and eyebrow growth.


It can be applied directly on your lashes to promote growth. You can use a tiny amount (less than a drop) before bedtime. 


SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Apply small amount to avoid seepage into eyes. Serum coming into contact with eyes can cause discomfort, burning sensation or itching sensation and/or eye redness. Remove any excess serum from the brush before applying it onto your lash line. Stop using if eye redress persists or you notice any other symptoms and seek physician's advice. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.|||



過度拔除眉毛, 植眼睫毛後脫落的後遺症, 或是因為隨着年齡增長, 甚至營養不足, 都會令眉毛和眼睫毛變得疏落。濃密,形狀良好的眉毛可以增強你的外觀氣場,而細而稀疏的眉毛會讓你看起來衰老幾年和毫無精神。 我們總想令眉毛和睫毛變得濃密修長。但當涉及到最自然促進睫毛增長的方式 - 天然和有機品牌並沒有真正於這方面領先一線。市場上只有一種FDA批准的睫毛增長治療方法,這就是Latisse。它含有比馬前列素,只能通過醫生處方獲得,當然也不是天然/無副作用的。我們必須找到更安全的替代品, 來幫助刺激那些渴望長而濃密的睫毛。


這款眼部睫毛增長精華含有100%有機冷壓蓖麻油和純維他命E,不含任何添加劑或有害化學物質。冷榨蓖麻油含有更多Omega-6 脂肪酸,以及許多為毛囊提供營養的維生素和礦物質。它適用於所有皮膚類型。它不含正己烷 (正己烷是低毒的無色化學溶劑,主要用於植物油的提取劑), 防腐劑和化學物。 美國的A-List名媛,模特兒, 和明星都使用未經加工的蓖麻油,這是保持甜美睫毛和眉毛自然不含化學物質的最佳秘訣。