10% MAP Dark Spot Corrector.10% MAP 超強重點淡斑修正精華

|||10% MAP Dark Spot Corrector
Need to lighten those dark spots without using hydroquinone? Our 10% MAP Dark Spot Corrector corrects and prevents melanin formation, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. MAP is believed to be effective in fighting wrinkles, correcting discoloration, and helping to maintain a generally healthy appearance of the skin. Our MAP is loaded into a Liposome. In essence, liposomes facilitate the delivery of active ingredients through the skin layers so they reach the cells directly.  MAP is a skin lightening agent and inhibits skin cells from producing melanin. It also helps to lighten dark spots already present on the skin.  This advance spot corrector contains the highest concentration, addresses the underlying problem without irritating the skin and directly tackles age spots, liver spots and brown spots. Willow Bark Extract helps to gently exfoliate and allows deeper penetration.  Calendula extract and Chamomile essential oil soothes and calms skin.


To Use: Apply corrector to affected areas AM & PM.  Be sure to wear sunscreen during the day on areas where you have used this treatment.



10% MAP 超強重點淡斑修正精華


需要消滅黑斑但又不想使用傷害皮膚的漂白劑Hydroquinone對苯二酚?10MAP超強重點淡斑修正精華能減少並預防黑色素形成,色素沉著過度和膚色不均勻。 MAP可有效抵抗皺紋,糾正膚色,並有助於保持皮膚的整體健康外觀。 我們的MAP被加載到多層微脂囊體技術Liposome中。由於其成分與人類細胞膜及角質細胞的多重層構造極為相似,因此與肌膚的親和性極高。可促進精華的滲透力,能對準目標,迅速將美容成分傳送到必要的部位, 使得它們直接到達細胞。 MAP是一種亮膚劑,能抑制皮膚細胞產生黑色素。 它也有助於淡化已經存在於皮膚上的黑斑。 這款先進的斑點矯正精華濃度達10%,可以解決潛在的問題,而不會刺激皮膚,並直接處理老年斑,肝斑和褐斑。 柳樹皮提取物有助於輕柔去角質,並允許更深的滲透。 金盞花萃取物和洋甘菊精油舒緩和鎮定皮膚。


不論黑斑、雀斑、曬斑、甚至難纏的頑固痘疤,都能有效淡化。 每天早晚洗臉後取少量, 重點塗擦在受影響的地方。每天緊記要擦防曬。|||