Aura Lumina Diamond Gold Essence 5oz..光環萃 5oz.


|||Aura Lumina Diamond Gold Essence



This magical essence is a powerful hydrating and nourishing essence used before serum and after toner. It’s a natural complement for all skincare products, and is rich in minerals, hydrates the skin, and increases elasticity and clarity.




Awakening the Skin’s Anti-Wrinkle Potential

Luxurious gold ferment, nano gold, and diamond powder, which stimulate the production of soluble elastin, providing anti-wrinkle properties while minimizing fine lines.


Restore elasticity & firmness to skin 

Hexapeptide-11 increases collagen synthesis for improved firmness.  It penetrates deep into the skin and binds to cell surface receptors to stimulate cell activity, increasing skin tone and elasticity. 


Hydrating the Skin Deep Down

One bottle of Diamond Gold Essence contains a full bottle of hyaluronic acid serum. It also includes rose hydrosol, which increase your skin’s absorption capacity and enhance the efficiency of the skincare products you choose to apply next. 


Restores Skin Tone and Suppleness 

A combination of powerful ingredients — rose extract, bamboo ferment filtrate and probiotics, restore luminosity, clarity and radiance to the skin. 


Plumping from within, the Essence helps skin become smoother and look visibly younger.


Contains 95.5% active ingredients. Pre-treatment that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration. Free of synthetic color additives, fragrance, Phthalates, Silicones, and Parabens. 


1.5% Oil 

Suitable for all ages and skin types




Only 3 drops of this light, non-greasy formula is enough to transform your skin.  Pump into your palm and gently press until absorbed. Follow with serum and moisturizer.  You will see an immediate difference after the first use.



Real results on real women 


The following trials were conducted on women over the age of 35 living in the United States.

After the first use, 90% of the testers felt that Diamond Gold Essence was directly absorbed into the bottom layer of the skin


93% of the testers felt that their skin was immediately hydrated


97% of the testers felt that their skin immediately became more supple


97% of the testers felt that their skin conditions immediately improved


75% of the testers felt that their skin immediately brightened and their skin tones improved


70% of the testers felt that it helped their skin discolorations 




“Compared with other products of the same type, this essence immediately helps my skin become more plump and supple.”

Wendy - 39 years old - British Columbia, Canada

Skin condition: Combination skin, acne and freckles on the cheeks


“The most obvious thing is that it makes my skin smoother and more delicate. It is absorbed quickly and I was not allergic to it. It is really good to use it as a primer before foundation.”

Selene - 40 years old  - California

Skin condition: sensitive, dry and combination skin


“Smells amazing, immediately hydrates, non-sticky.”

Sarah - 35 years old - Oregon

Skin condition: Mixed skin, acne and freckles


“It smells amazing and natural. After the first use, my skin tone brightened and became very supple and moist! It is really easy to use and absorbs immediately too! On certain days it’s enough to use this Essence alone!”

Helen - 43 years old - California

Skin condition: Combination skin, dark spots, enlarged pores, blemishes, skin damage caused by sunlight, acne prone


“It helps keep my skin hydrated for a long time. I love that it smells amazing, and yet is 100% natural.  It is absorbed quickly.”

Rowena - 41 years old - California

Skin condition: sun damaged, dry and flaky skin


“I have never used other similar products, but Aura Lumina essence definitely improved my skin.”

Polly - 40 years old - California

Skin condition: very sensitive skin, can not use any cosmetics


“My skin tone instantly becomes brighter after use.  “The Essence hydrates immediately and is never greasy. It also helps with my skin discoloration.”

Kako - 40 years old - California

Skin condition: dry, dehydrated, dark spots, dull skin


"I can feel the difference right away!"

Amy - 37 years old - California

Skin condition: sensitive, dry, aging, wrinkles, skin losing elasticity, hormonal acne, enlarged pores


“In the past, when I used other brands, my skin would become greasy after waking up in the morning, especially when I had the air conditioning on. This was never the case after using Aura Lumina essence. I have many acne scars, and it usually takes at least a month for new ones to lighten up.  After I used Aura Lumina Essence for 4 days, my acne scars became significantly lightened. After 1 week, the acne scars were no longer obvious!"

Eva - 37 years old - California

Skin condition: combination skin, oily in the forehead and chin areas


"My skin is sensitive. Many brands of skin care and cosmetics break me out, but there is no such problem with Aura Lumina Essence. It’s very refreshing and is absorbed quickly. My skin condition is rather complicated — it is very oily but dehydrated at the same time, and that’s why my makeup never stays put.  After using this essence, my makeup stays for the whole day, and even my T-zone is not oily.  I use it two times a day, morning and night.  

Angela - 40 years old - California

Skin condition: Sensitive combination skin, facial muscles begin to sag, fine lines, congested pores, T-zone is oily, but at the same time dehydrated, acne scars.


“Feels very natural - I’m very happy to finally find something that works with my sensitive skin.”

Monica - 37 years old - New York

Skin condition: sensitive skin


“It is very moisturizing and hydrating, which evens my skin tone. It also helps my makeup stay put all day.”

Nicole - 36 years old - California

Skin condition: combination skin


"With the use of Aura Lumina essence, my thin blood vessels on my face are not as obvious as before, and makeup is staying put the whole day."

Cherry - 47 years old - Seattle

Skin condition: dry, sensitive, oily T-zone


“I love how it smells nice and natural. My skin is visibly more radiant. It has a tightening effect, brightens my skin tone, and clears my pores.”

Vivian - 35 years old - WA

Skin condition: combination, sensitive, oily T-zone


“Before, when I used other essences, my skin felt dry, but this essence doesn’t have this issue.”

Priscilla - 40 years old - California

Skin condition: normal, dark spots, nose area is very oily


“My skin became very soft, and I felt like it really penetrated into the deeper layers of my skin!  After a full night’s sleep, the Essence can balance oil levels and replenish my skin’s moisture, and also makes my skin glow.  It smells great and the ingredients are excellent! I really love how it transfers to my skin immediately after use.  It is 100% obvious how my skin condition has improved."

Christine - 36 years old - California

Skin condition: normal skin, periodic acne


“My skin immediately revitalized and clarified and becomes so toned and smooth after use.  It is very soothing, hydrating, and non-greasy.”

Cecilia - 35 years old - California

Skin condition: dull complexion, dark spots, sensitive skin, acne


"The most obvious thing for me is that my skin stays balanced and non-oily for the whole day. It’s caused a huge change for me!"

Julia - 35 years old, North Carolina

Skin condition: combination


“Other essences that I used did not have much effect, but Aura Lumina Essence has a long-lasting effect.  Midway through the day, my skin still feels very refreshed, lifted, and firm.” 

Iris - 35 years old - California

Skin condition: combination, redness, acne, skin is sensitive to makeup


"It is absorbed quickly and has a whitening effect."

Penelope - 35 years old - Texas

Skin condition: dull skin tone, dehydrated, enlarged pores, blackheads, thick skin layer


“My skin becomes very hydrated after use. Not greasy at all, and very hydrating!  I’ve never used any Essence with the same hydrating feeling!”

Angel - 37 years old - Florida

Skin condition: oily sensitive skin, very dehydrated inside, hormonal acne, acne scars


“It feels so comfortable!  My skin is extremely dry and I just can’t use other toners or essences as they sting.  My skin also remains dry, even with the use of other products. However, I truly feel the difference right away with Aura Lumina Essence. My skin has never felt this good!”

Yoyo - 35 years old - Texas

Skin condition: dry, enlarged pores, fine lines, skin losing elasticity 


“It absorbs so much better than other products of the same type.”

Shelby - 40 years old - California

Skin condition: combination skin, my skin was good before having children, but now becomes very dry with fine lines, pigmentation and enlarged pores.


“It absorbs into the deep layers of my skin. My skin became very smooth after use, and my pigmentations became less apparent.”

Ka Lee - 41 years old - Seattle

Skin condition: combination, large pores on both sides of the nose, acne prone, especially during monthly cycle


“Aura Lumina is better than Sisley Floral Toning Lotion all around. This Essence is similar to SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Essence, but better.  Amazing, amazing, amazing!” 

Elean - 48 years old - California

Skin condition: uneven skin tone, pigmentation, melasma


“I have used many similar products in the past but they had no effect. This essence is definitely different.  Very refreshing and hydrating, and it can balance the oil levels on my skin.”

Polly - 38 years old - California

Skin condition: combination, dark spots, prone to water retention 


    Aura Lumina Diamond Gold Essence 光環萃


    光環萃成份有金、鑽石粉、 納米金、竹子酵母成份精華、HEXAPEPTIDE-11、玫瑰精華、玫瑰水、乳酸酵母成份、茉莉花精華、蘋果精華、薰衣草花精華、洋甘菊花提取物、



    強效保濕滋養, 富含豐富礦物質,加強肌膚保濕及增加肌膚彈性! 酵母的獨有生理特性在生物技術領域中的大量的被使用。 酵母更富含了人體必需的礦物質和B群維生素。酵母含有的礦物質包含鉀、磷、鎂、鈣。酵母中亦含有豐富的海藻糖,提供皮膚極佳的滋潤功效,有效保 留住皮膚中的水分。實驗更發現,酵母經由發酵的工藝能大量的增加海藻糖的含量,大量提高此保濕的 有效成分。


    一支光環萃內含有一整支玻尿酸精華。外面的護膚品一般水佔大部份, 有效成份含量非常少。而Aura Lumina光環萃,你買的並不是水, 我們的Active Ingredients 95.5% !

    不含Phthalate 鄰苯二甲酸酯、 Paraben 羥基苯甲酸鹽、 Silicone 矽、人造香料、人造色素、及其他有害物質。 

    全素 / 含油量1.5% / 天然




    九成試用者在第一次使用了光環萃後, 覺得光環萃直達皮膚底層,馬上被吸收。








    39 Wendy 溫哥華

    皮膚狀態: 混合性皮膚, 面頰有暗瘡和雀斑煩惱



    40 Selene 三藩市

    皮膚狀態: 敏感偏乾混合性皮膚



    35 Sarah 俄勒岡州

    皮膚狀態: 混合性皮膚、有暗瘡和雀斑煩惱


    味道很舒服,很明顯白有美白作用,用後即時變得很滑溜很水潤!  光環萃真的很好用,非常容易吸收!有時候單用光環萃都很夠! ” 

    43 Helen 加州 

    皮膚狀態: 混合性皮膚、有暗粒、毛孔粗、有陽光造成的淡斑、易生暗瘡



    41 Rowena 加州




    40 Polly 加州 




    40 Kako 加州 




    37 Amy 加州 



    以往晚上用其他牌子的神仙水/收縮水, 早上起床後臉上都會有面油,特別在開了冷氣的情況下。但用光環萃後並沒有出現這種情況。平時我的暗瘡印要最少一個月才能開始減淡, 但我用了光環萃4, 暗蒼印已經明顯減淡。 用了1星期後, 雖然未完全變回正常膚色, 但暗瘡印已經不再明顯! ” 

    37 Eva 加州 

    皮膚狀態:混合性, 額頭下巴偏油


    我本身皮膚比較敏感,很多牌子的護膚和化妝品用完會起粒粒,但用光環萃就沒有此問題,用後非常清爽,好快吸收。本身皮膚不是太油就太乾,所以化妝很容易一噠噠,但用了光環萃後化妝,妝容變得很貼服,全日塊面都好爽,就算T Zone位都好少油光。用咗四日,每日兩次,一早一晚。 ✔️ 我本身皮膚比較敏感,好多牌子護膚同化妝品用完會起粒粒,但4日以來無咁嘅問題 ✔️ 用後非常清爽,好快吸收 ✔️ 本身皮膚唔係過油就過乾,所以化妝好容易一噠噠,但琴日用完後化妝,個妝好貼 ✔️ 四日以嚟,雖然華氏一百度以上,全日塊面都好爽,好少油光。今朝忙到甩轆,所以今朝洗完面就出門口, 冇用到光環萃5個鐘頭後嘅依家,塊面又笠又油,明顯同前兩日有用光環萃時有好大分別。” 

    40 Angela 加州 



    感覺天然, 不用再怕皮膚敏感所以好開心。

    37 Monica 紐約 



    我覺得非常夠水潤,做到保濕同潤膚效果,能夠令膚色更加平均, 兼且好上妝。

    36 Nicole 加州 




    47 Cherry 西雅圖 

    皮膚狀態:乾性、敏感、T Zone位置比較油



    35 Vivian 華盛頓州 

    皮膚狀態:混合性、敏感、T Zone位置比較油



    40 Priscilla 加州 



    用了皮膚變滑,能直達皮膚底層。睡了8小時後,光環萃能夠平衡油脂和補充皮膚水份,亦能令皮膚發亮有光澤。味道很好,成份亦非常卓越! 真的很喜歡用了後皮膚好像是一樣的滑溜, 絕對看得出皮膚狀態有改善,非常吸收。

    36 Christine 加州 



    用了馬上變得白滑, 非常舒服 潤而爽。

    35 Cecilia 加州 



    最明顯就是我整天皮膚都不出油, 對我來說真的一大改變!”

    35 Julia 北卡羅來納州 



    其他品牌的神仙水用後感覺好快就冇咗,但呢枝光環萃感覺好long lasting,搽完半日都仲有花香同埋緊緻的感覺。

    35 Iris 加州




    35 Penelope 德州 



    皮膚用完之後好潤但係唔笠,感覺到好吸收同埋超級補水!我從來未用過一支Essence 保濕得咁勁㗎!

    37 Angel 佛羅里達州 

    皮膚狀態:油性敏感皮膚但係深層好乾,用好多SerumMoisturizer都係乾,我其實乾到出油。另外有Hormonal Acne (荷爾蒙暗瘡) 問題,塊面好多印。


    感覺好舒服, 因為本來皮膚很乾, 一般用完收縮同保濕,會有嗱嘅感覺。其他牌子即使每日用, 都感覺非常乾。但用左光環萃之後, 感覺好唔同!” 

    35 Yoyo 德州 

    皮膚狀態:乾、毛孔大、 近半年開始出現細紋、明顯有鬆弛



    40 Shelby 加州 

    皮膚狀態:混合性皮膚、 有孩子前不錯,算比較白淨而且沒暗瘡問題。但隨著年齡增長及懶惰保養,開始出現乾紋、色斑及毛孔變大的問題。



    41 Ka Lee 西雅圖

    皮膚狀態:混合性、鼻兩旁毛孔超大、易生暗瘡、尤其是period 經期時侯


    效果好過 Sisley Floral toning lotion, 光環萃 SK-II LXP Ulitmate Revival Essence 用後感相似 。只有一個字”!”

    48 Elean 加州 




    38 Polly 加州 


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