Caviar Peptide Eye Serum.魚子胜肽眼部再生液

|||Caviar Peptide Eye Serum
As we age, the elasticity and collagen in our eye areas slowly give way. Signs of premature aging include sun exposure, dry skin, and wrinkles. Rubbing and pulling at the delicate and vulnerable skin surrounding the eye area contributes to signs of aging.
Savon Mama Caviar Peptide Eye Serum is a super nourishing non-greasy serum formulated specifically for the dedicated eye areas.  Caviar extract is rich in Omega 3 & 6, which reduce wrinkles and fine lines and produce a spectacular moisturizing effect that causes creases to disappear, regenerating damaged collagen and elastin fiber.  Arnica encourages blood circulation and immediately reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and eye bags.  Retinol and Vitamin C are two powerful anti-aging ingredients that minimize wrinkles.  Vegetable Ceramides and Olive-based Squalane deeply hydrate the skin. Non-comedogenic Castor and Sweet Almond Oil further replenish and de-puff the eye area without clogging your pores.  Chamomile and Cypress essential oils brighten and firm the eye areas.
This luxurious eye serum also features two aqueous peptides:  Syn-Coll and Snap-8, which stimulate Tissue Growth Factor (TGF).  By reintroducing TGF, skin cells begin to get firmer and tighter, pulling the skin back together, providing the Miracle Effect of Anti-Aging. They also induce angiogenesis, and promote cell adhesion in fibroblasts, endothelial, and epithelial cells, which hold the skin together and dramatically reduce eye wrinkles and crows feet. 
To Use: Apply a small amount to eye area AM & PM, followed by eye cream
0.35 oz / 10 g
Savon Mama 魚子胜肽眼部再生液是專為眼部皮膚配製, 超級滋補但質地輕盈清爽的非油膩精華液。珍貴魚子精華含有豐富的Omega 36,可減少皺紋和細紋,並產生特強的保濕效果,使皺紋消失,再生受損的膠原蛋白和彈力蛋白纖維。山金車促進血液循環,立即減少黑眼圈,浮腫和眼袋的出現。Retinol和維生素C是兩個強大的抗衰老成分,可以減少皺紋。「補水之王」植物性神經酰胺Ceramides和橄欖提取的角鯊烷Squalane從內補水,直達皮膚底層。蓖麻和甜杏仁油,進一步補充和去除眼部疲倦,不堵塞毛孔而且防止粉刺形成。洋甘菊和柏樹精油能夠增亮和緊緻眼部。
這種豪華的眼部再生液還具有兩種水性肽:Syn-Coll Snap-8,可以刺激組織生長因子(TGF)的產生。通過重新引入TGF,皮膚細胞開始變得更加緊緻,將皮膚拉回到一起,提供了抗衰老的奇蹟效應。它們還能誘導血管生成,促進成纖維細胞,內皮細胞和上皮細胞的粘附,這些細胞將皮膚保持在一起,並顯著減少眼部皺紋。

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