Concentres CE Booster


|||Concentres CE Booster is a versatile add-on product to your cream mask, night cream, lotion or serum.  It instantly boosts moisture, and helps strengthen and moisturizing barrier and brighten dull complexion.  With concentrated form of Vitamin C and E, you will only need to add one drop into your cream, lotion etc.  Mix fresh every time and turn your night cream into a sleeping mask!  We recommend using this with our Rose Water Cream Mask for instant pick-me-up.|||

Strongly recommend 同時間使用 Rose Water Cream Mask + Concentres CE Booster 這個combo! Booster亦可以加入serum or lotion or cream裏面 ,把cream / lotion 變成sleeping mask, 一滴就夠,一支可以用很久,極度水潤。

我們建議首先用Enzyme Scrub Mask 敷面10分鐘,用天然酵素去清除面上面嘅角質。𥚃面有天然磨砂,10分鐘之後濕少少水,在面上面輕輕按摩,面部就會變得非常光滑!Concentres CE Booster 入面是濃縮穩定性維他命C、維他命E、同埋水解彈性蛋白。是高濃度原液,用一滴混入Rose Water Cream Mask 內。首先用小匙將大概 兩茶匙的 rose water cream mask 放在手心, 然後將一滴 Concentres CE Booster混入cream mask , 敷在面上10分鐘,然後沖水洗乾淨就可以了!每次用、每次混合、保新鮮、抗氧化。夏天把Rose Water Cream Mask 放在雪櫃內再用來敷臉,效果比片裝面膜更滋潤!
Booster亦所以加入精華及face cream / lotion 內使用。|||