Le Jade perfume oil.Le Jade 香水油


|||Le Jade perfume oil is officially available now!

It's not easy to create a long-lasting, fresh, sleek and well-rounded perfume using essential oils. It took me a while to create an alcohol free perfume oil which has note of my favorite flower - Magnolia X Alba.

The top note of a perfume is usually the lightest. This scent is usually recognized first. The top note of Le Jade is organic Lemon essential oil. Which offers you a fresh and up-lifting feeling. Heart Note is considered the core of perfume. They last longer than the previous ones and have a strong impact on the tone of the perfume as a whole. The heart of the perfume is usually pleasing and comprehensive. And the heart note of Le Jade is Magnolia X Alba, one of the most luxurious and rare essential oils that you can find.

The Base Note is the last fragrance that appears once the top note and heart note have completely evaporated. The Base note is intertwined with the heart note to create the full aroma. Base note provides a lasting impression. The base note of Le Jade is Phthalates free southern Magnolia fragrance oil.

So how does it smell like? It smells feminine, fresh, floral, lively, chic, exotic and energetic! It is non-alcoholic, mild and non-toxic. It is made with essential oils and Phthalates free fragrance oil. (Most perfumes in the market contain harmful substances such as Phthalates). More suitable for sensitive skin. 20% high concentration which lasts about 3 hours.

Tips: If you want a longer lasting fragrance, you can first moisturize your skin before applying your perfume oil. Easy-to-use roll-on is perfect to put in your purse and use when traveling. |||

Le Jade 香水油正式面世啦!

創造一支持久、清新、同埋圓滑Well-rounded嘅香水真係一啲都唔容易。之前有好多姊妹們試過一啲白蘭花香水,氣味非常之清新,但係香味只能夠維持半個小時左右。其實有好多原因嘅,其一係因為用Essential Oil 精油做香水, 持久力係會唔夠強; 其二就係因為真正嘅白蘭花精油係好貴好貴嘅, 用來做香水絕對唔化算,所以香水創造者唔可能落太多%係配方入面。否則出嚟嘅價錢係會非常非常貴!其三, 要做一隻Long-lasting嘅香水其實係要配合幾種味道, 出嚟架香水先至會有獨一無二同埋Complex嘅感覺。Top note, Heart Note 同埋Base Note, 會喺唔同嘅時間分別散發出來。

Le Jade香水唔係單一白蘭花味道。Top Note又稱為香水的前調, 通常是最輕的。佢哋一般會係最快被識別出嚟嘅, 亦係最快被蒸發嘅, 就好似音樂嘅前調一樣。Le Jade香水Top Note就用左Organic檸檬精油, 感覺係好清新同精神!

Heart Note被認為是香水的核心。 它們的持續時間比前調更長,並對未來的基調產生強烈影響。 香水的心臟通常是令人愉悅和全面的。而Le Jade嘅 Heart Note 就用左珍貴嘅白蘭花精油。

而Base Note 基調是一旦前調完全蒸發後出現的最後香味。 Base Note 與 Heart Note 交織埋一齊,形成香氣的全部。Base Note嘅工作是提供持久的印象。Le Jade嘅Base Note就用咗木蘭花香水油。

好似音樂咁樣, 如果冇三個級別嘅音符組合,香水就唔會有吸引力啦。


不含酒精香水油配方, 溫和無毒。配合精油Essential Oil 同埋 不含Phthalates 嘅香水油製作而成(溫馨提示:外面大部分香水都含有有害物質Phthalates)。更加適合敏感肌。

20% concentration 高濃度Perfume (Parfum) 配方, 可維持3小時左右。 溫馨提示: 想香味更持久, 可以先查一層薄薄嘅lotion滋潤皮膚,然後先碌碌香水油,效果就會更持久㗎啦!