Multivitamin Serum.複合維生素精華液

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Multivitamin is essential for your everyday life as it supplies you with energy; keeping you at the optimal stage. Your skin needs its own multivitamin too! Savon Mama Multivitamin Serum contains vitamins A, C, B3, Pro-B5, CoQ10 which fight free radical damages. AHA helps to renew and resurface the skin. Anti-aging ingredients such as ALA, MSM, DMAE, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid are added into this formula to make the skin clear and bright. Skin-loving Rose hydrosol and organic Aloe Vera juice are used as the base for this formula. It penetrates deep into skin, helping to ease fine lines and age spots while stimulating collagen formation to decrease sun-induced aging in skin. It also boosts elasticity levels with a skin-strengthening ingredients that overrides biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging.
This product attacks the root cause of the aging problem while simultaneously encouraging the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and protect the skin proactively. This smooth and subtle solution is an excellent way to control and reduce skin-aging triggers.
Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.
Contains Lavender, Niaouli & Geranium essential oil, which helps to brighten and tighten skin. It also helps to sooth and diminish wrinkles.
Use 3-5 drops on cleansed face / neck, use AM and PM for best results.


肥皂媽媽複合維生素精華液蘊含多種維他命成份,有效改善肌膚底層缺少養份問題,增強肌膚抵抗力。添加活性成分同時呵護肌膚,配方中的包括豐富保濕成份,加強脆弱敏感肌防禦能力同時高效讓肌膚水漾光澤剔透。含有維生素A, C, B3, 原B5, CoQ10, 能中和自由基傷害。還有令皮膚精亮剔透的AHA及抗衰老成份ALA,MSM, DMAE和補濕玻尿酸. 再以玫瑰花水和有機蘆薈做配方的基底. 弱酸性配方, 不油膩,微乳化精華,帶來嬌柔清香,亮采效果。能舒緩乾燥、缺水、衰老現象, 使肌膚獲得營養滋潤, 可使暗沉肌膚恢復亮澤,容光煥發,還原肌膚水潤清透。

含有薰衣草、綠花白千層、天竺葵精油、能緊實組織,改善皺紋肌膚、還可以美白、去斑點, 帶來絲滑年輕肌膚。

使用3-5滴於潔淨面部/頸部,溫和按摩, 早晚使用.


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