Okome Enzyme Powder Cleanser. Okome米水酵素潔臉粉

|||Okome Enzyme Powder Cleanser is formulated with a natural surfactant derived from coconut oil and is SLS free.  It penetrates and cleanses deep within pores to remove dirt and residues.  This advanced formula contains Pineapple Enzyme and antioxidant Rice Powder to exfoliate without stripping the skin’s natural PH levels.  


Rice water has been shown to reduce the appearance of pores and tighten skin and promote cell growth, stimulate blood flow, and keeps skin smooth and bright. Formulated with pearl barley to brighten your skin tone while Aloe Vera hydrates.

Vitamin B5 to soothe and soften skin, promotes the growth of new, more youthful skin cells. In addition, it plumps and moisturizes the topmost layer of your skin, which causes it to look fuller and younger. Suitable for all ages, genders, and skin types.  

Preservatives, colors, dye, SLS, Parabens, Phthalates and fragrance free.  

This product is also perfect for sensitive skin and is guaranteed to leave your skin both healthy and radiant.  It melts and foams in your hands with water and is convenient for traveling since it is water free.
1.5 oz / 42.5 g

Okome Enzyme Powder Cleanser 

 配方不含SLS起泡濟,使用從椰子油提練出來的天然表面活性劑。 它滲透和清潔毛孔深處, 去除污垢和殘留物。 這個先進的配方含有菠蘿酵素去軟化角質,配合特強抗氧化成份如白米溫和去除角質,不會影響皮膚的自然PH值。 收細毛孔,收緊皮膚,促進細胞生長,刺激血液循環,保持皮膚光滑亮麗。


維生素B5可舒緩和軟化肌膚,促進新的,更年輕的肌膚細胞的生長。此外,它可以豐盈和滋潤皮膚的最上層,使其看起來更飽滿,更年輕。 適合所有年齡,性別和皮膚類型。

敏感皮膚亦適合使用,並保證讓你的皮膚健康和容光煥發。 只要跟水混合,它便融化和起泡,無水配方,亦方便旅行使用。
1.5 oz / 42.5 g|||