PERLE ROSE Perfume Oil


There’s nothing more romantic than a deliciously floral perfume, and roses are obviously the perfect note to seek out.  A gorgeously sexy, sleek scent that doesn’t smell artificial in the least.  With Yuzu as the top note, Rose as the middle note and White Tea as the base note,  this complex, yet feminine scent will make you feel like a human bouquet!

Formulated without alcohol, we pledge that our fragrance is mild and contains no synthetic dyes, Phthalates, Parabens.  Our scents are comprised of a combination of naturally derived and safe synthetic ingredients, and blend botanical-based and lab-made ingredients to ensure our products are safe and hypoallergenic (Traditional perfumes in the market mostly contain harmful substances such as Phthalates). 

20% high concentration which can last for up to 3 hours. Tips: If you want a longer lasting fragrance, you can first put a thin layer of unscented lotion/oil to moisturize the skin first, then apply the perfume oil.  

This portable size is perfect traveling or on-the-go.|||
繼白蘭花香水之後,含玫瑰、白茶、Yuzu柚子調香水油Perle Rose終於面世啦!今日造起,真係好香好香!就比個法文名佢叫做 Perle Rose啦!

創造一支持久、清新、同埋圓滑Well-rounded嘅香水真係一啲都唔容易。要做一隻Long-lasting嘅香水其實係要配合幾種味道, 出嚟架香水先至會有獨一無二同埋Complex嘅感覺。Top note, Heart Note 同埋Base Note, 會喺唔同嘅時間分別散發出來。好似音樂咁樣, 如果冇三個級別嘅音符組合,香水就唔會有吸引力啦。

咁出嚟嘅味道即係點呢?你會聞到性感、女性化嘅玫瑰香,然後有Yuzu柚子嘅活潑, 跟住有白茶味嘅溫柔。感覺係乾淨、清新、獨特。基本上個個聞到都會鍾意,但就唔係周街都聞到嘅香水味道。

不含酒精香水油配方, 溫和無毒。配合精油Essential Oil 同埋 不含Phthalates 嘅香水油製作而成(溫馨提示:外面大部分香水都含有有害物質Phthalates)。更加適合敏感肌。

20% concentration 高濃度Perfume (Parfum) 配方, 可維持3小時左右。 溫馨提示: 想香味更持久, 可以先查一層薄薄嘅lotion滋潤皮膚,然後先碌碌香水油,效果就會更持久㗎啦!