Quench Potion Night Cream.解渴神奇晚霜

|||Quench Potion Night Cream
Get immediate and long-term results with this quench potion, with a liquid cloud of moisture drawn from the atmosphere.  


This formula combats the appearance of wrinkles, with its unprecedented delivery system which infuses the skin with the powerful ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Royal Jelly Extract, Ursolic Acid and Korean Red Ginseng Extract.  Formulated without a single drop of water, resulting in a formula which truly replenishes your skin overnight.  This magic potion improves collagen synthesis, tightens, firms and restructures skin.  Botanical hydrators such as organic Aloe Vera Juice and Rose Hydrosol soothe and  produce deep, long-lasting hydration that improves the look of elasticity and texture - resulting in a complexion that appears younger and healthier overall.  Radiance-boosting Sweet Fennel, Patchouli and Geranium essential oils instantly increase the look of radiance to create a youthful-looking complexion.

 Ideal for aging complexions, dehydrated and stressed skin. 


使用解渴神奇晚霜,就好像把大氣中的液態雲, 注入皮膚底層當中,立即獲得持久效果。

配方針對皺紋的形成,其前所未有的遞送系統可為肌膚注入玻尿酸,蜂王漿提取物,熊果酸, 和韓國紅參提取物等強大成分。 配方不含一滴水,真材實料,可在一夜之間真正為您補充肌膚。 解渴神奇晚霜可改善膠原蛋白的合成,收緊,和重組皮膚。 植物性保濕劑(有機蘆薈汁和玫瑰純露)可以舒緩並產生深層,持久的保濕效果,改善彈性和質感,從而使膚色看上去更年輕,更健康散發亮采。還加入了甜茴香、天竺葵、廣藿香精油,有回春功效。可立即增強光澤,打造年輕外觀。