Skin Combat Mask .肌質戰鬥面膜


|||Skin Combat Mask 


This rescue mask does not dry your skin while pulling out toxins and impurities.  Acne, oily skin, blackheads, uneven skin tone, redness, dryness and fatigue…you name it.  This do-it-all mask helps to combat all kinds of skin troubles.  A great pick-me-up mask for all skin types. It rejuvenates your skin with 

Organic Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Hemp Seed oil, Witch Hazel, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Lavender Water and Chamomile Water.  Enriched with skin-loving and anti-aging nutrients such as Vitamin E, Organic Green Tea extract, Organic Nettle Leaf Extract, Organic Chickweed Extract, Organic Slippery Elm Extract, Organic Marshmallow Root Extract, Organic Milk Thistle Extract and Organic Oat Straw Extract, it will help turn back the hands of time.  Organic Blue Green Algae Extract, White Willow Bark Extract and Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract work to promote a clear complexion.  Rose Petal Powder, Hibiscus Powder, Fennel and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils keep the skin well moisturized and help repair your skins’ elasticity.  Job’s Tears Powder improves skin tone and helps diminish dark spots.  Calamine regenerates skin cells and can be used for any kind of skin problem. In addition, it has long been considered as an excellent remedy for acne and skin allergies. Using calamine on the skin helps in providing you a radiant skin and reducing acne scars, red marks or any other kind of blemishes.


This mask brings together all the best skin loving herbs, oils and extracts to help melt away dry, parched skin. It breathes life into your skin by refining your complexion and stimulating tired, stressed skin with a unique blend of natural ingredients.  Skin immediately feels renewed and revived 


To use: apply onto cleansed skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. Wipe clean with tissue first , then rinse with warm water and wash cloth.   You may use this mask as often as you wish.


Skin Combat Mask


這款特效面膜在排出毒素和雜質的同時, 不會使你的皮膚乾燥。痤瘡,油性皮膚,黑頭,膚色不均,發紅,乾燥和疲勞...所有問題一個面膜搞定這款全能面膜有助於對抗各種皮膚問題。是一款適合所有膚質的急救面膜。它可以讓你的皮膚恢復活力在重要約會前,用這個面膜,會使你皮膚亮麗, 妝容更貼服!  


有機荷荷巴油,葡萄籽油,牛油果油,甜杏仁油,有機大麻籽油,金縷梅,有機椰子油,有機蘆薈汁,有機葵花籽油,有機薰衣草水和洋甘菊水。富含親膚和抗衰老的營養成分,如維生素E,有機綠茶提取物,有機蕁麻葉提取物,有機蘩縷提取物,有機赤榆皮提取物,有機藥蜀葵根提取物,有機牛奶薊提取物和有機燕麥秸稈提取物,它將幫助扭轉時間。有機藍綠藻提取物,白柳樹皮提取物和有機迷迭香葉提取物有助於促進膚色清晰。玫瑰花瓣粉,洛神花粉,茴香和依蘭精油可以保持皮膚濕潤,並有助於修復皮膚的彈性。 薏仁粉可改善膚色,減少黑斑。 爐甘石可再生皮膚細胞,可用於任何皮膚問題。此外,它一直被認為是治療痤瘡和皮膚過敏的極好藥物。在皮膚上使用爐甘石有助於為您提供容光煥發的皮膚,減少痤瘡疤痕,紅色斑點或任何其他類型的瑕疵。