Youthful Glow Cleanser.年輕煥膚潔面乳

|||Youthful Glow Cleanser


Reverse signs of aging with a perfect exfoliant!  Youthful Glow Facial Cleanser is formulated with natural AHA /BHA derived from extracts of Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Bitter Orange and Lemon for their cellular refining and toning activity through their natural Glycolic, Lactic and Tannic acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), gently exfoliates and polishes away dullness and excess cellular debris, helping fight fine lines, clogged pores, dark spots and wrinkles and encouraging cell turnover.  And Aspen bark extract offers smoothness and refines pores through it's natural Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acids).  The multi functionality of the AHA's and BHA's make this cleanser the perfect choice for mature and pre-maturely aging skin and acneic or problematic skin.


This cleanser is gentle, yet effective with Aloe Vera to soothe and nurture, Green Tea extract for it's anti-oxidant protection, Panthenol for its hydrating and replenishing activity. Ylang Ylang, Mandarin, Tangerine, Chamomile Roman and Lavender essential oils to soothe and calm tired skin.  


A natural face wash that is smooth and luxurious.  This cleanser is amazingly gentle and effective for all skin types. Smooth gel that foams readily and rinses clean, taking dirt and make up with it, leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple with the glow of healthy radiant skin.


pH 4.5 to 5.2
用完美的去角質潔臉乳液去逆轉衰老的跡象! 年輕煥膚潔面乳, 採用天然 AHA / BHA 配方,來自覆盆子,甘蔗,苦橙和檸檬提取物,通過天然的乙醇酸,乳酸和單寧酸(Alpha Hydroxy Acids)進行細胞精製和調理,溫和去除角質和拋光肌膚。遠離暗沉和多餘的細胞死皮,幫助對抗細紋,堵塞毛孔,黑斑和皺紋,促進細胞更新。加上白楊樹皮萃取物, 通過它的天然水楊酸(Beta Hydroxy Acids)提供光滑和精煉毛孔。 AHA BHA 的多功能性使這款潔面乳成為成熟和過早衰老、暗蒼性或其他問題性皮膚的完美選擇。
這款潔面乳溫和,有效,蘆薈舒緩和滋養,綠茶提取物的抗氧化保護,維他命的滲透性極佳之保濕,能細化和強化皮膚。 依蘭依蘭,柑子,橘子,羅馬洋甘菊和薰衣草精油,去舒緩和鎮定疲憊的肌膚。光滑而奢華的天然潔面乳,非常溫和,適用於所有膚質。光滑的凝膠狀,容易起泡沫,能夠有效地帶走臉上污垢和化妝,讓肌膚感覺光滑柔嫩,煥發健康光澤的肌膚。
pH 4.55.2